As a kind of recycling material, PP raffia is commen in plastic recycling factories. But for the beginners of recycle business, we will introduce this special recycle material and how to recycle it with some PP raffia recycling machines.

What is PP raffia?

PP raffia is a synthetic fiber derived from polypropylene, known for its high tensile strength and resistance to wear and tear. It is commonly used in flat form, resembling ribbons or bands, making it ideal for weaving, binding, and packaging.

PP raffia recycling machines

Application of PP raffia material

  • Packaging. PP raffia is widely used for packaging agricultural products, fertilizers, cement, and other bulk commodities. It is also used to make bags and packaging boxes due to its strength and durability.
  • Weaving. PP raffia is a popular choice for weaving various types of bags, baskets, hats, carpets, and other products. Its strength and resistance to moisture make it suitable for outdoor use.
  • Binding. PP raffia is used for binding goods, bundling materials, and securing packages. Its strength and durability ensure that items remain securely fastened.

How to recycle PP Raffia bags or scrap?

There are a series of PP raffia recycling machines to deal with the waste plastics.

First, the discarded PP raffia is crushed in a shredder. The plastic crusher shreds the PP raffia into smaller particles for subsequent cleaning to remove surface dirt and contaminants.

Next, the washed PP raffia pieces are fed into a PP raffia recycling machine granulator. Inside the pelletizer, the pellets are heated and extruded, melted, cooled, striped, and finally cut into uniformly sized pellets.

These pellets are packaged and can be sold for use in the manufacture of new plastic products, enabling recycling, and reducing resource waste and environmental pollution.