For plastic recyclers, PVC is a common material, the measure they chose most is crushing and turning them into recycled plastic pellets. But for some recycling industry freshmen, we want to introduce them to how to make PVC granules.

PVC plastic common application

  • Construction Materials: PVC is widely used in the construction field for making window frames, doors, floors, pipes, wall panels and so on.
  • Wires and cables: PVC has good electrical insulation properties and is widely used as insulation and sheath for wires and cables.
  • Packaging materials: PVC is used to make various types of packaging materials, such as plastic bags, bottles and boxes.
  • Automotive parts: PVC is used to make automotive interior parts, seat covers and other parts.

Recycling measure for PVC waste

After the above PVC materials are abandoned, it is a good and profitable choice to collect them and turn them into plastic pellets. Those pellets can be used to produce new plastic commodities. We will show you the core procedure of the PVC recycling.

plastic granulator machine
  • Collection and Sorting: Firstly, the waste PVC plastic products need to be collected and sorted.
  • Crushing (Shredding): The collected PVC waste will be sent to the plastic crusher, the large pieces of PVC plastic into small particles.
  • Washing: The crushed PVC pieces will be sent to the washing equipment for cleaning to remove surface dirt and impurities to ensure the purity of the particles.
  • Dewatering: The cleaned PVC particles will be sent to the drying equipment for drying to remove moisture to ensure the quality of the particles.
  • Extrusion: The dried PVC granules are fed into a PVC granulator, which melts and extrudes the PVC granules into strips through a high-temperature and high-pressure extrusion process.

Choose best PVC recycling machines

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