Polypropylene, or PP for short, is often used to make plastic bags, plastic pipes, plastic drums, plastic toys, and more. With so much waste PP plastic being thrown away, plastic recycling has become especially important. These used PPs are not useless but can be recycled with appropriate changes in properties and physical processing. Today we introduce three recycling methods of PP waste plastics recycling, including chemical recycling, modified use and plastic pelletizing.

Chemical use – as a binder

APP can be added to concrete or asphalt as filler material. APP has good adhesion and can be used as binder for various substances, such as mixing APP with PP and ash to make concrete, and then making bricks with aluminum slag; APP can also be mixed with asphalt and melted, and coated on paper or cloth for roofing materials. It can be used as roofing material, etc.

Recycling and making recycled plastic granules

In the UK, there are now 42 companies that recycle PP and collect a total of around 25kt of PP waste each year, which makes a significant contribution to environmental protection and resource recycling. PP waste can be recycled directly, most companies recycles PP film by making recycled plastic pellets.

In addition, Cookson lndustrial Materials, the largest waste plastics recycling company in the UK, handles and processes about 10kt of used PP battery boxes each year into gardening items, such as flower beds and planters, so that PP waste can be recycled directly, protecting the environment and saving resources at the same time.

Modified use

Some of the cleaner PP plastics can be used for modification. The waste plastics from supermarkets are in large quantities and relatively clean. Mixture by adding phase diffusion agent can greatly improve the performance of the material. The properties of PP plastics can be improved more substantially by adding stabilizers. Such as modified PP MPP and MCPP as special PP special materials, greatly expanding the scope of application of PP, with great economic benefits.

With the development of society, plastics are becoming more and more common in our lives. However, at the same time, more and more waste plastics are causing serious white pollution. Therefore, the waste plastics recycling is becoming more and more important. The recycled plastics can be used for different purposes and can bring huge profits to the recycling plants.