Shuliy remains committed to providing top-notch solutions and supporting clients worldwide in their recycling endeavors. This time, one customer in Oman chose our plastic granulation machine for his recycling business.

Expert Guidance from Project Manager

As the client embarked on their recycling journey, they had numerous inquiries about the feasibility of granulating PVC films, the machine’s production capacity, and the optimal temperature for PVC granulation. Helen, an experienced project manager at Shuliy, patiently addressed all their concerns and provided comprehensive guidance. Her expertise in PVC granulator and great patience instilled confidence in the client, establishing a strong foundation for their partnership.

Plastic Granulation Machine Delivery and Expectations

With the client’s trust in Shuliy’s expertise and purchasing a high-quality plastic granulation machine, the equipment has been shipped to Oman. The Shuliy team eagerly awaits the client’s feedback on the plastic granulation machine’s performance and their satisfaction with the overall experience. This successful collaboration highlights the effectiveness of Shuliy’s solutions in meeting the recycling industry.