In today’s era of sustainability and environmental protection, the plastics recycling business is emerging as a key player in reducing the impact of plastic waste on the environment, and Shuliy Machinery, a Chinese plastic granulator manufacturer, looks forward to providing you with high-quality equipment to help you succeed in the plastics recycling field.

Shuliy Machinery: Chinese plastic granulator manufacturer

Shuliy Machinery, one of China’s plastic granulator manufacturers, has had 20 years of rich manufacturing experience and 10 years of export history. Our recycling machines are not only highly respected in the Chinese market, but also exported to all over the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Indonesia, Nigeria, Germany, etc. We have helped many customers to set up highly efficient plastic recycling plants and create great profits.

What do we offer?

Plastic pelletizing line for PP PE LDPE LLDPE HDPE PS PVC is trendy worldwide.

We provide a full set of plastic pelletizing equipment, including plastic crusher, plastic washing tank, dryer, pelletizer, conveyor, silo and so on. Not only that, we have a variety of machine models, with output ranging from 200kg per hour to 2000kg per hour, to meet different customers’ needs.

plastic granulating line in Nigeria
plastic crusher of pelletizing line in our plant
plastic recycling plant
plastic granulating line in Saudi Arabia

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If you are interested in our plastic granulators or other equipment, please feel free to contact us. Our professional plastic granulator manufacturers team will provide you with detailed information and personalized advice to help you choose the best equipment for your business needs.