In today’s era of focusing on environmental protection and sustainable development, plastic recycling has become an important direction of the environmental protection industry, and many countries have established plastic recycling plants of various scales. However, at the beginning of the establishment of the plant, when buyers choose the plastic recycling machine, the common concern is: How much does plastic recycling machine cost?

Types and functions of plastic recycling machines

Before we talk about prices, we first need to understand the different types of plastic recycling machines and their functions. This includes plastic crushers, washers, plastic granulators, etc. Each type of machine has specific working aspects and parameters, and the corresponding price will be different.

plastic granulator machine for sale
plastic crusher machine for sale

Factors affecting the plastic granulator machine price

The price of plastic recycling machines is affected by many factors. Among them, production capacity, plastic granulator manufacturers, degree of technological innovation, degree of automation and other factors will have a significant impact on the plastic machine price. High-capacity, highly automated equipment is usually more expensive, but can also improve productivity in the long run, bringing high profits to the plastic recycling plant.

Market conditions and competition

The price of plastic recycling machines is also affected by market conditions and competition. Price competition between different manufacturers and fluctuations in market demand can cause prices to fluctuate. Knowing the market conditions before purchasing can help recycling operators get a better grasp of pricing trends.

Generally, the price of a plastic crusher is between US$2,000-15,000 and the price range of a plastic granulator is US$15,000-60,000. The exact price needs to be checked with the granulator manufacturers of the machine and also with the specific requirements of the customer.


Overall, the price of plastic recycling machines varies depending on various factors. Before choosing and purchasing, recycling operators should fully consider their needs, and budget, understand the market situation and choose a trusted brand, which will help to find the most cost-effective plastic recycling machine.