Congratulations! One plastic recycling company in Botswana purchased a complete plastic pellets production line from us. The production line includes two plastic recycling pellet machines, a plastic crusher, a plastic rinsing tank, a dewatering machine, a pellet cutter, and so on. Now the machines are ready to load and deliver.

plastic pellets production line manufactured for Botswana client
plastic recycling pellet machine
plastic crushing machine

Collaboration with customer in Botswana

Our client in Botswana is a plastic recycling company and after seeing our website. Knowing that we had the plastic pellets production line they needed, they quickly contacted us.

Our project manager Crystal solved many of the customer’s questions about the suitability of PE plastic bottles for pelletizing, pelletizer machine throughput, and the optimal temperature for PE pelletizing, etc. Shuliy’s team helped to resolve all of the customer’s concerns by providing patient and professional guidance.

The client’s company has its own brand logo. As a result, they came to Shuliy Machinery with an additional request to have their logo imprinted on the plastic recycling pellet machines they were producing, and Shuliy Machinery responded positively by customizing the machines to meet this request, ensuring that the products met the customer’s expectations.

More collaboration: the future looks bright

Now that the customized Plastic Pellets Production Line has been completed and is ready to be shipped to the plastics recycling plant in Botswana, Shuliy Machinery is looking forward to working with this customer in the future and continuing to contribute to Botswana’s sustainability efforts.

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If you are also interested in plastics recycling and sustainability, why not contact one of our business managers via our website form, WhatsApp or email they will provide you with detailed information about our recycling machines as soon as possible.