From production to consumption to waste disposal, plastics is one of the most carbon-intensive industries on the planet. Especially for Southeast Asian countries, it is necessary to recycle plastics well. In the Philippines, plastic recycling is a popular industry and related essential machines such as plastic granulator machines are popular.

Plastic pollution cause enviroment problems in the Philippines

Faced with a tidal wave of plastic waste coming from home and abroad, the local environment and climate in the Philippines are being seriously affected. The degradation or incineration of plastic will also endanger the health of the local population.

Plastics recycling has a huge market potential

According to the Philippine Plastics Industry Association, there are more than 1,000 plastics manufacturers in the Philippines, according to an industry survey.

Faced with such a large scale of plastic production, according to research, in the Philippines, disposable plastics are thrown away rather than recycled, resulting in a loss of more than 75% of the value of recyclable plastics, equivalent to a loss of several billion dollars per year.

Only 15-20% of recyclable plastics are recycled and reused, and most plastic packaging waste is not only thrown away to pollute the environment but also loses its economic value. To improve this situation, a number of plastic recycling plants are beginning to be built, and they will help the plastics industry shift to a circular economy.

Introduction of plastic granulator machines

There are many plastic recycling machine manufacturers in China that sell machines to Philippines. One of the most important machines is a plastic graulator machine. The machine is used to process waste plastic into pellets, then the recycled pellets can be manufactured into other plastic products. The plastic granulator machine adopts a special screw design and other configurations, which is suitable for recycling and color mixing granulation of PP, PE, PS, ABS, PVC, and other waste plastics.

plastic granulator machines
plastic granulator in factory

Favorable plastic recycling machine price Philippines

Shuliy Machinery provide plastic granulator machines and whole plastic granulating line.

Before buying plastic granulator machines, recycling plants usually like to require the details of plastic ganulator machine auxiliary machines, price, shipping cost and other things they want to know.

Most customers will consult several plastic recycling machine manufacturers at the same time, hoping to get more quotes so they can make comparisons and filter out the best deals on the machines. As for the price of plastic pellet machines, it can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Why?

Usually, the price of a plastic recycling machine mainly includes the factory price of the machine itself and the price of accessories. But even for the same machine, the price of the machine will vary depending on the diameter of the screw, the heating method and the type of die head chosen by the customer.

Therefore, when you buy a plastic pellet machine, you can consult our sales staff first, they will match different heating methods and die heads according to your needs, and send you a corresponding quotation.