Plastic granulator is a kind of necessary equipment for recycling waste plastics. Plastic pelletizer machine for sale mainly consists of an extrusion system, transmission system, heating and cooling system. The raw materials of plastic granulation are mainly PP and PE, which are also common raw materials in the plastic market. Users with special plastic needs can also purchase the corresponding foam granulator.

Shuliy Machinery specializes in developing and manufacturing plastic recycling equipment and has over ten years of experience. Today Shuliy manufacturer introduces the common problems of plastic pellet machines, we hope it will be helpful for you.

plastic granulator in factory
plastic granulator in factory

What are the heating methods of plastic pelletizing machine?

The heating methods of plastic pelletizer machine for sale are electromagnetic heating, ceramic heating, quartz tube heating and heating circle. Among them, electromagnetic heating is the most effective and the fastest, followed by ceramic heating and quartz tube heating, which are our recommended heating methods. The heating coil heating method is less effective, heating coil texture is iron, the service life is relatively short. In addition, it should be noted that the quartz tube heating is fragile and should be used safely.

How to choose heating method of main machine and auxiliary machine?

We recommend that the main machine of the plastic granulator is at least ceramic heated to ensure that the plastic can be processed effectively at the beginning of the process. There is no requirement for the heating method of the auxiliary machine, but it should be noted that in order to ensure better operation of the plastic pelletizer machine for sale, the auxiliary machine needs to be preheated for one hour before starting the main machine.

Can the raw materials for pelletizer be mixed?

Many customers ask us if their raw materials are mixed, both soft materials, such as plastic film and plastic bags, and hard plastic materials. The customer’s demand is to pelletize at the same time, but Shuliy Machinery’s technicians recommend not to pelletize at the same time because the pellets will be easily cracked and the results will not be good. We recommend pelletizing soft and hard materials separately to ensure the quality of the product.