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Shuliy Machinery provides the most advanced plastic recycling washing machines. The main purpose of our PET bottle recycling line is to process PET bottles, such as mineral water bottles, cola bottles, etc., by crushing and cleaning them into clean and impurity-free PET flakes. These plastic flakes can be further processed into recycled plastic for different industries.

Introduction of PET bottle recycling line

The whole PET bottle washing line includes a plastic bottle label removal machine, plastic crusher, high-temperature washing tank, rubbing washing machine, plastic dryer, etc.

Shuliy Group can match different PET bottle recycling machines to the customer’s different production conditions, cleanliness of raw materials, etc. We support personalized services, such as designing your recycling plant and customizing the machine to meet your specific needs.

waste plastic bottles are raw materials of plastic bottle recycle machine
waste plastic bottles are raw materials of plastic bottle recycle machine

Final product of PET bottle recycling line

The recycled and cleaned PET flakes are uniform in size, very clean and can be directly packaged and sold. recycling of PET plastic bottles can solve environmental problems as well as achieve the secondary use of PET bottles.

The dried PET flakes can then be subsequently processed or re-processed into various products after modification treatment. Generally, it can be used for plastic packaging, fiber, glass fiber reinforcement, plastic modification, woven products and so on.

Video of PET bottle recycling machines

3D video of PET bottle washing line

The following video is a 3D video of the PET bottle recycling line, it shows the complete process of machine to recycle plastic bottles including removing labels, crushing, washing and drying.

Main plastic recycling washing machines

PET bottle label removing machine machine to recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottle label remover

Most of waste plastic water bottles have PVC plastic labels, and the label removal machine can efficiently remove the plastic labels for the next step of recycling.

machine for recycling plastic bottles PET plastic crusher

Zerkleinerer für PET-Flaschen

Der Kunststoffbrecher is the key machine to recycle plastic bottles, it will efficiently smash the plastic bottles into small pieces, and the unique design can prevent problems such as jamming and insufficient power.

machine for recycling plastic bottles washing and sorting tank

Plastic washing tank

Because the cap material of plastic bottles is PP, in order to collect PET flakes, the Plastikwaschmaschine will separate the cap from the bottle flakes.

plastic water bottle recycling machine hot water washing machine

Hot water washing device

Put the plastic bottle pieces into the plastic flake heißer Waschtank and add the cleaning agent. The high temperature and the cleaning agent can better clean the stains on the bottle pieces.

plastic water bottle recycling machine PET Flakes Friction Washer

Plastic friction machine

Friction cleaning is to remove the adhesion on the bottle flakes with the brushes inside the plastic friction machine. This plastic bottle recycle machine will clean the PET flakes efficiently.

plastic bottle recycle machine horizontal dryer

Plastic dryer

The cleaned plastic flakes will be dried in the Kunststoff-Entwässerungsmaschine.

Advantages of PET bottle recycling line

  • Shuliy Machinery provides a complete range of PET bottle washing machines. The variety of new rinsing machines can thoroughly clean PET plastic, they can help customers greatly improve production efficiency. The final product of the Plastic bottle recycling line can reach the requirement of first-class clean flakes, which is very popular and high-value in the recycling industry.
  • The PET bottle recycling line is highly automated, only 3-4 operators are needed in the whole production process. The output includes 200-1000kg/h. We can also design a larger output recycling line according to the user’s requirements.
  • The equipment of the PET bottle recycling line can be flexibly matched. According to the customer’s raw materials, you can choose to match different washing machines and dryers. For example, if the customer’s raw material has a lot of dirt, it can be matched with two hot water washing machines for multiple cleaning.

Successful project of PET bottle recycling line

PET bottle recycling machine shipped to Congo

Our company has recently exported a PET bottle recycling line to Congo. Our customer in Congo collected a large number of plastic bottles ready for recycling and the customer found our account manager through the website. After learning about the machines for recycling plastic bottles, he decided to purchase the plastic crushing and washing line. The recovered PET pieces will be packaged and sold to local environmental companies.

label remover plastic bottle recycling machines
label remover
plastic washing machine plastic bottle recycling machines
PET bottle recycling line plastic bottles recycling machine

PET bottle recycling machines shipped to Mozambique

Our PET bottle crushing, washing and recycling line has been successfully exported to Mozambique! This important milestone not only signifies the superior quality and performance of our products, but also means that our customers will be able to start a profitable PET bottle recycling business in Mozambique.

PET bottle hot washing machine plastic pet bottle recycling machine
PET-Flaschenzerkleinerer und Heißwaschmaschine

Plastic bottle recycling machine installation in Nigeria

The video shows Shuliy Group assisting our Nigeria customer in designing their PET bottle recycling project. They chose our plastic bottle recycling machine, we arranged for our technical worker to help the machine installation and worker training.

Now the waste plastic bottle recycling machines run successfully, and the final product is clean PET flakes.

waste plastic bottle recycling machine working in Nigeria

Start your own plastic recycling business!

If you are also interested in our machines for recycling plastic bottles, please feel free to contact us via fulfilling the form on our website and we will be happy to assist and advise you on the best plastic bottle recycle machine.